[501(c)3 Nonprofit]
Excerpt from the Certificate of Incorporation; the purpose(s) for which the corporation is formed are as follows:

To create, form, establish and maintain an organization to promote, foster and encourage scholastic achievement, educational excellence and intellectual advancement by establishing a scholarship fund to benefit deserving students; to aid, encourage, stimulate, foster and promote educational development through… awards/stipends… and financial assistance to deserving students… to endeavor to foster and advance the educational development of deserving students by all available means and methods.

Criteria / Awards: PLG Veterans Assistance Fund Inc. 
The PLG Veterans Assistance Fund Inc., [], was established as a vehicle to continue Pat's work in 'helping others.' To this end, ThePatFund seeks to raise funds for granting college level scholarships to qualified veterans. [Once finalized, the criteria will be posted.] The primary focus and pillars of ThePatFund include:    

Education / Suicide Prevention / Special Needs: TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury], PTS [Post Traumatic Stress], Injuries/Disabled.