The PLG Veterans Assistance Fund Inc. (aka 'ThePatFund') places a premium on the value of education as a primary objective and will work with schools/colleges to select viable candidates for an award. Education is held in high regard as necessary in a competitive, global job market. ThePatFund encourages a veteran to pursue his/her degree and/or technical training toward an end goal – career objective. Having academic and/or vocational training combined with valuable skills from military service gives the student veteran a 'leg up'. To this end, a monetary award from ThePatFund can provide the student veteran with needed help for i.e., books, supplies, technology, tuition, even household expenses. Further, it provides a ‘vote of confidence’ that builds ‘self-esteem’ and encourages the student.   
In 2016, Marleen "Molly" Levi, Founder, PLG Veterans Assistance Fund Inc. met with several colleges to discuss the Scholarship Award. Ultimately, Pace University, lower Manhattan, was chosen to afford eligible military student veterans the opportunity to apply for the Scholarship Award per Application criteria. A recipient was selected and on February 24, 2017, an Inaugural Ceremony was held, courtesy of Pace University, to present the first such Award to Tim Marino! Congratulations; well done! [see event recap]