Suicide Prevention

Alarming statistics reveal far too many veterans take their own life. The carnage... wounds of war and conflicts take an enormous toll on our soldiers. The battle scars remain long after the soldier returns back home. ThePatFund is committed to suicide prevention programs - every life matters. Through our donations to viable programs, we can help provide needed support to prevent a suicide. ThePatFund can offer hope, help, care and concern in the form of a donation/award. Helping a veteran rebuild his/her life and confront serious issues in a program equipped to provide such assistance is a 'vote of confidence' and 'show of support'; a morale boost. Coming to terms with their deep battle scars and overcoming suicide intentions is a tall order for many veterans who see no other way out. Every effort must be made to counter this to embrace living as a desired goal and outcome. These veterans can have a meaningful life and quite possibly inspire others rebuilding their life with compassion, interest and purpose.